10+ Brutally Honest Illustrations That Offer a Mirror to the Modern World

Because of how quickly modern technology is transforming our lives, we occasionally lose all memory of how things were before it. But if you stop and take a step back, you’ll notice that certain developments in the world are actually not so great for us. We’ve made a series of images that portray our life in its genuine light to serve as a constant reminder that our laptops, cellphones, and video games cannot adequately replace our relationships with family and friends.

#1 Even when we are close to loved ones, we feel lonely.

#2 We believe that we are powerless to affect change on our own.

#3 On social media, we quickly assess other people.

#4 The Earth, our own home, is being destroyed.

#5 We are blind to the wonders all around us.

#6 Our seas are begging for assistance.

#7 On social media, we’re attempting to portray a “perfect” life.

#8 Family members no longer engage in meaningful conversation.

#9 Even when we know the truth deep within, we nonetheless believe lies.

#10 Instead of offering assistance, we simply keep on griping.

#11 No existence without technology will ever be known to our children.

#12 We are using up all of our limited resources faster and faster.

#13 We no longer like reading actual books.

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