26 Photos From My ‘Invisible Jumpers’ Series That Took 5 Years And Thousands Of Hours Of Knitting

Joseph Ford, a photographer, and Nina Dodd, a knitter who specializes in “camouflage,” have put in much more hours than is practical to make custom sweaters for people, animals, and even bananas that blend in with everything from bus seats to bushes, carpets to coastlines.

According to Ford’s statement to The Independent, “I love the challenge of finding graphic places, choosing models that would fit well within them, and then working with Nina’s knitting skills to blend them as seamlessly as possible.” I spent several days or weeks researching and planning each of these images, and Nina knit for weeks or even months for each.

This amusing series is now available in a new book from Hoxton Mini Press, a well-liked independent publisher. With pictures of 25 knitted things, behind-the-scenes pictures and stories, and an introduction by renowned author and gallerist Laura Noble, the publication has all of these elements. Dare we suggest adding one to your Christmas gift wish list?

#1 (2019) Tom and Dre

#2 Mady And Monette Malroux (2015)

#3 Jimmy (2014)

#4 Rumi And Scarlet (2019)

#5 Monsieur Chat (2017)

#6 Venus (2015)

#7 Calum (2017)

#8 Lo, Beachy Head (2018)

#9 Malik (2016)

#10 Chris (2019)

#11 Fruit Fraud (2019)

#12 Fimber Bravo (2018)

#13 Cherry Blossom

#14 Knitting Track

#15 Black Phoenix (2019)

#16 Kate (2019)

#17 Nina (2018)

#18 Stilts

#19 Buddy And Taboushka (2018)

#20 Fatboy Slim (2018)

#21 This Side Up

#22 Popay (2019)

#23 Knit Teapot

#24 Seth Globepainter (2019)

#25 Rock Pools

#26 Rock Pools

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