6 Shower Curtain Ring Hacks That Are Beyond Brilliant

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Who would have thought that shower curtain rings could be used for things other than their original purpose? After doing a simple search on Pinterest, I found six simple shower curtain ring hacks that will create a ton of space in your closet. These simple hacks have completely transformed my closet and I couldn’t be happier! Check out the hacks below and let me know what you think about them! cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Never Lose A Hair Tie Again

Found from Shady Tree Diary

I’m always losing my hair ties and it gets so annoying! Whenever I need a hair tie, I have the hardest time finding one because they always get scattered around. With this hack, I can easily keep all of my hair ties in one place! cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Keep Your Tank Tops Together

Found from Storage Geek cool stuff, cool stuff

I usually fold my tank tops and keep them in my dresser drawers, but every since I’ve found this hack, I keep my tank tops on shower curtain rings. Greatest hack ever!

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