9 Genius Magic Eraser Hacks That Are Truly Magical

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I know what you’re all thinking – if only the house could clean itself, am I right? I hate cleaning anything, be it a spill, food stains, greasy dishes, dusty furniture, dirty windows, and showers, you name it! But, sadly someone has to do it otherwise the longer you leave it, the worst it gets and before you know it, total chaos. You know it, gurl! cool stuff, cool stuff

To make cleaning up a little less frustrating, we’ve got a secret (and potentially the most awesome) cleaning hack that is definitely going to help you clean things up like magic.

And it’s a tool you probably already have in your home. Say hello to your new cleaning best friend – the magic eraser. Yup, it can do so much more than just erasing crayon marks from walls.

You’ll thank me later. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Clean Windowsill

Hack via buildingourstory

A magic eraser is perfect for those hard to reach spots. cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Spotlessly Clean Your Oven

Hack via polishedhabitat

Remove grime and oil stains from your oven easily by simply wiping it away.

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