9 Resourceful Car Cleaning Hacks That You Have To Try

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We spend just as much time in our cars as we do in our home if you think about it. When you spend a great deal of time in your car, the clutter, grime, and dirt can build up quickly, and after working all day, no one is up for the task of having to clean their car.

Believe it or not, cleaning your car doesn’t have to take a ton of energy or time to complete, and that’s why I found 9 genius ways you can clean your car in no time. From crumbs to stains and other messes, these hacks will help eliminate all the dirt and grime in your car and keep it gone. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Use a Microfiber Mitt To Wash Your Car

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Washing your car by hand can be exhausting, but using a microfiber mitt will make it a lot easier!  A regular washcloth won’t soak up as much soap and suds as a microfiber mitt like this one. Give your car a professional clean and make it shine after using this microfiber cloth to wash it. cool stuff, cool stuff

Extra Tip: You can purchase a microfiber mitt to wash your car with here on Amazon. 

2. Wash Your Car With Hair Conditioner

Found from The Krazy Coupon Ladcool stuff, cool stuff

In addition to using a  microfiber mitt, use hair conditioner to wash your car. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, most hair conditioners contain a type of wax called lanolin that will give your car a beautiful shine. Grab a bottle of your favorite hair conditioner and try it out!

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