9 Resourceful Car Cleaning Hacks That You Have To Try

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6. Dust Your Air Vents With A Foam Brush

Found from Wrapped In Rust

I’ve never thought about cleaning the air vents in my car, but it’s actually really important. Dirty air vents will blow dust, pollen, and other gross stuff into your car. Use a small foam brush to get into the small spaces of your air vent and clean out dust.

Extra Tip: You can find foam brushes here on Amazon. They are the perfect size for cleaning your car air vents.

7. Use a Car Vacuum To Pick Up Crumbs

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The best way to clean every square inch of the interior of your car is to use a car vacuum cleaner. A small car vacuum cleaner is just enough to pick up all of the crumbs and dirt in your car.

Extra Tip: You can find a really good car vacuum here on Amazon.

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