A mother hen transforms herself into an umbrella To protect her babies

No matter if the children are human or animal, every mother creates them. Additionally, every mother loves and cares for her child the same way. They will sacrifice anything for their children, and mothers’ love is legendary.

credit: viral Hog

The animal kingdom demonstrates to us how they respond to the situation as mothers right away. This touching tale from India will warm your heart with its love. It was a mother hen offering her young her parental affection.

The video shows a brood of baby chicks cuddling up to their mother hen. The feathered mother covers them with her wings when it rains. The chicks are protected from the elements by the wings. Little ones can stay dry until the rain stops by hiding under the umbrella. They are kept warm by it.

She was indifferent about the rain soaking her feathers, like many other parents. Her main concern was making sure her baby chicks were warm, dry, and comfortable. What a lovely picture!

credit: viral Hog

This was recorded as it was pouring heavily at a nearby fish market. The love of a mother is evident everywhere. even during a downpour.

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