After going swimming, her daughter called mom “fat,” and now the internet is applauding her response.

It hurts when someone calls you “fat.” Why is that, then?

Everyone was left wondering what really happened after a mother of two named Allison wrote her version of what happened when she and her children went swimming recently.

When the 30-year-daughter old’s referred to Allison as being chubby, Allison answered beautifully, and her retort is currently trending online.

When Allison Kimmey was barely 14 years old, she started dieting. She managed to maintain a size two to four body throughout graduate school, but it was difficult and she wasn’t happy. Allison realized she’d be more happier if she allowed herself to stop battling her weight gain when she reached size eight three years ago, at the age of 27.

In order to motivate herself, Allison started the @allisonkimmey Instagram account, where she publishes pictures and quotes. While Allison’s message of body acceptance inspires and uplifts those who hear it, not everyone does.

Recently, Allison took her son and daughter to the pool. As it was time to depart, Allison’s child shouted at her and called her fat. According to a post Allison made on Instagram:

What did you say about me, I asked?

“I told you were obese, mama,” she said. I apologize.

Me: “Let’s discuss it. I’m not fat, that much is true. No one IS obese. Being it is not possible. Yet, I DO have fat. We’re all overweight. By giving us energy, it safeguards our bones and muscles and maintains our bodies functioning. Do you possess fat?

She says, “Yeah! I have some on my stomach right now.

That’s right, I say. I agree, as does your brother.

I don’t have any fat, her brother said. The thinnest is me. I just possess muscles.

Actually, everyone in the world has fat, in my opinion. But, our individual amounts vary.

Her sibling: “Well, I see. I have some to safeguard my powerful muscles! But you possess more than I do.

Sure, it is true, I said. Some people are incredibly wealthy, while others are not. But, that does not imply that one individual is superior to another. Do you two comprehend?

Likewise: “Sure, mama.”

So, could you please repeat what I said?

They: “Yeah! Since you can’t just be fat, I shouldn’t label anyone as being fat, but everyone has some fat, and that’s acceptable.

“Absolutely right,” I said.

In addition to wanting to impart social skills to her kids, Allison believed it was crucial to promote the idea that everyone is equal, regardless of body type. Her Instagram post has since become widely popular.

If I punish my kids for using it, Allison says, “I am demonstrating that it is a derogatory term and I reinforce the stereotype that being overweight is disgusting, gross, amusing, and unpleasant.”

What a powerful woman! Instead of criticizing one another based solely on how we appear to others, we need to do a better job of supporting one another. Publish if you concur!

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