Discover the Weirdest Bargains Yet: 17 Unusual Items Found on Sale!

Once upon a time, a man purchased five paintings at a yard sale after visiting it, only to discover a concealed Andy Warhol sketch. A separate individual once paid $4 for a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence. But, not everyone is as fortunate as these customers!

#1 If lawn gnomes are insufficient for you, then

© AliBakerr/imgur

#2 It appears like IT is retiring.

© scoobydoomistakes/tumblr

#3 “I’m unable to determine its color.”

© larpkitten/imgur

#4 Is an alpaca game available?

© guts***sthrift/tumblr

#5 That doll doesn’t seem to be in good health.

© Pheanyxe/imgur

#6 Ah, this outdated item? Aunt Sally sent it.

© hereisalex/reddit

#7 The ostrich-crocodile man,

© WorldsWorstCanadian/reddit

#8 It is…

© thriftstoreoddities/tumblr

#9 The once-in-a-lifetime crossover

© The-Great-Cornholio/thechive

#10 Get her head off!

© thriftstoreoddities/tumblr

#11 This is a unique and uncommon type of horror, in fact.

© thrifterror/tumblr

#12 Season 2 of The Young Pope

© silentbobstash/thechive

#13 “I just received this sweatshirt,”

© Insecureeeeeeeee/reddit

#14 This is a Star Wars allusion for you.

© GodzillaDestroyingTokyo/imgur

#15 Fish don’t stand a chance.

© w**head / reddit

#16 “That’s a masterpiece, in my opinion.”

© KingPugTato/imgur

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