Madonna, 64, Confirms Relationship With 29-Year-Old Boyfriend

The queen of pop is here to support a study’s claim that women who date younger men are happier and more fulfilled in their relationships. Madonna released a cute image of her and her boyfriend kissing to put the rumors to rest.

Finding love is never too late.

After boxing trainer Josh Popper posted a series of pictures of the singer cuddling up to his arm, the internet began to wonder if Madonna had a new man in her life. Josh, 29, can be seen right now on the reality TV program Summer House. A Madonna child is apparently being trained by him as well.

The couple is still together.

The 64-year-old diva posted a picture of the couple kissing on her Instagram story to confirm the reports. The two are attending a party together while donning matching colored masks and all-black clothing. She was also seen supporting her partner during one of his games.

Madonna and her ex split up last month.

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For five months, Madonna dated the model Andrew Darnell, who is 41 years her junior. A person close to her said, “It was just a very casual thing…so she’s not broken-hearted. She previously had a three-year relationship with dancer Ahlamalik Williams, which ended in April of last year. The couple’s age difference was 35 years.

She keeps her youthful appearance and is unconcerned with what others may think.

As her Grammy appearance made headlines for the wrong reasons, the singer spoke out ageism in society and admitted to having more face surgery.

“Once more, I find myself in the spotlight of ageism and misogyny that permeate our society. She described the scenario as “a world that refuses to recognize women above the age of 45,” adding that she has never apologized for her decisions and never will. She said that she liked how she looked now.

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