These Photos Prove That Nature Doesn’t Care About What People Want

Nature is making fun of humans while attempting to be Michael McIntyre. No one can deny that nature is having a little bit of fun with us causing unnecessary confusion, despite the fact that it is unintended.

We laugh about it even though we keep destroying it.

In Ireland, a meadow full of apples was submerged by Hurricane Ophelia. Lovely irony.

Snow had piled up in front of the doors as though nature decided it was a frigid day to work in any case.

What do you do if the natural disasters aren’t covered by your life insurance? Nothing; simply wait for the natural world to clear a route around you. certainly, Mother Nature.

Ice fall or waterfall? Look later, because it is frozen!

African Tiramisu? Perhaps, like the snow is delicately covered by the sand. Perhaps Nature is indeed peckish!

The Sun’s dwindling embers as it gets ready to set on the horizon? No, that is only Hurricane Ophelia’s aftermath.

To copy in the snow? 3D models, perhaps? Because it seems to be the case.

Xavier is aware of when and where to strike. Maybe influenced by a specific psychic X-Men?

James Joyce must be unhappy since just a section in Ohio received snow, not everyone else.

Given how the rainbow and its twin have everything covered in gold glitter, this appears more like a #filtergoals.

Given how insane Van Gogh was, I assume he couldn’t imagine someone or something else copying his artwork.

Ireland is a peculiar nation. Ducks are living in your bedroom thanks to a little drizzle.

Australians regularly witness the VIBGYOR cocoon shielding them from the dangerous Siths.

The enigmas of the whipped clouds in Kamchatka.

This reminds me of Hurricane Matthew wanted to display it’s talent for sculpture.

Do you know what indoor showers are? the type that overflows into your office?

This one has a lot of irony. elevates the phrase “throwing pearls before swine” to a whole new level.

It appears that Steve Jobs is not peacefully sleeping. Simply said, the apple hasn’t been bit here. Indeed, marketing brilliance.

You wouldn’t need LED bulbs if you could store enough of them. That is also its butt.

Devil’s Anus was given a whole new meaning in Thor: Ragnarok, and this appears to be the restroom he frequents. He does at least flush frequently.

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