To capture the beauty of redheads, photographer Brian Dowling traversed the globe

Brian Dowling, an American photographer, travelled the globe to capture the beauty of Redheads. In order to encourage people with the MC1R gene all around the world, Brian travels to more than 20 different countries and shares story and images about redheads, by redheads, and topics.

The MC1R gene mutation, which affects roughly 1% of the world’s population, is what causes red hair, the rarest hair color. Additionally, a person’s capacity to tolerate pain, their sensitivity to sunlight, and the rate at which their hair will gray may all be impacted by this gene mutation. As you become older, your red hair will turn pure white or blonde.

Scroll down to get some inspiration. More of Brian’s work is available on his Instagram.

#1 An Early Morning with Ukrainian national Alina from Kiev

#2 Madeline from Washington State, USA, is ranked

#3 Kirstie in Glencoe, Scotland’s Highlands

#4 From Best, the Netherlands, Carmen

#5 From Stuttgart, Germany, Krissy

#6 Black Sea Alisha from Odessa, Ukraine

#7 Ellie from England’s London

#8 In Belfast, Northern Ireland, Elias

#9 From Moscow, Russia, Maria

#10 Ireland’s Howth, Gracie

#11 Aoife from Ireland’s Longford

#12 From Essex, England, Ruby

#13 Alina from Ukraine’s Odessa

#14 In Liverpool, England, Tara

#15 Elainna, a Californian from Modesto

#16 Kim, a German from Hamburg

#17 Model Nastya Pindeeva in Ukraine overlooking the Black Sea

#18 Beata Viewing Warsaw’s Downtown

#19 Masha in St. Petersburg, Russia, beneath the trees

#20 A Model in a German city of Munich’s Snowy Park

#21 Shannon from Australia’s Sydney

#22 Kirstie, a Californian looking out into the Scottish Highlands of Glencoe,

#23 Daria, a Russian from St. Petersberg

#24 Natasha’s Freckles From the United Kingdom

#25 Sophie, a Stirling, England native

#26 Italian Benedette, a redhead, observing the Sydney sunset

#27 From the Netherlands, Judith

#28 Bridget from San Francisco, California, and Vanessa from South Africa

#29 At the East Side Gallery in Berlin, Germany, a model strikes a pose.

#30 From California, Sophee

Brian Dowling may be found online at: Facebook/ Instagram/ Buy the Book/ Website

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