While mom goes hunting, the bear cubs hold hands

Many people believe that wildlife is extremely aggressive and dangerous. However, it does occasionally provide really delicate sightings. These two bear cubs clutching hands are a beautiful sight to witness. Lewis Kemper, a wildlife photographer, was at the ideal location at the ideal time to snap these two pups on film.

Photographer Kemper, 62, of California, saw the cubs clutching hands while watching their mother try to find meals when he was in Lake Clark National Park. Lewis says in an interview: “Earlier last month, I was conducting a photography trip around Lake Clark in Alaska when I saw a mother and her two cubs waiting for her to return with food. Since the bears in the region are accustomed to seeing humans, I was only around 20 feet away from the two cubs.

The mother returned empty handed, despite the children’s impatience for their food, the photographer said, “The two bears held hands for around 20 seconds. Unfortunately, their mother returned without any fish, contrary to their expectations. According to wildlife specialists, bears only succeed in hunting 10% of the time.

Although most bears enjoy fish, vegetation make up the majority of their diet. Lewis continues in his interview by saying, “Although bears adore fish, the majority of them are omnivores and mostly consume vegetables, including of course a lot of grass.

Speaking further about these touching occurrences, other animals were also photographed grasping what appeared to be hands. Additionally, a tale of a couple who saw two penguins clutching flippers on a South African beach went viral and captured the hearts of millions of people.

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