Woman knew what to do when she saw hairy clumps in the road

On that particular day, Natalie Therese and her companion were leaving a bed and breakfast along the Columbia River in Washington and heading home. They unexpectedly noticed a large pile of fur in the middle of the road.

Therese sensed that they need to halt. Her spouse initially assumed it to be some sort of dirt clump. It wasn’t, though! She finally realized who they were as they drew nearer: three abandoned young otters.


Therese became aware that she had watched the mother otter flee from an approaching vehicle. The infants were too young to understand what to do. They had just stopped there and were by themselves. From the adjacent woods, their terrified mother was observing them.


Therese made the decision to assist them. She began pointing the trembling infants in the appropriate way. Therese added, “I gently urged them off the road. She led them to their mother, who was standing by to ensure that they all knew what to do.

Therese remained back beside the car till the mother emerged and the three infants collectively ran off the road. She then waited for a further few minutes to ensure that they wouldn’t immediately return to the road.


Therese was so affected and moved by the entire event that she started crying. She remarked, “Nature and all of her animals are so lovely.”

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